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Ashleigh. Twenty-something. RVa.

I have many ethnicities. And before you ask, no i am NOT fluent in spanish. However, im a very talented and creative individual. Ive played softball, volleyball, cheered all of my life...Ive gotten awards and certificates in singing groups (including a cappella). Ive done college ROTC with some of the most amazing girls in the world. Ive waitressed at Hooters, been a manager in retail and a hip hop dancer for a talent agency. Currently taking time off of beauty school. I pride myself on having a huge heart. Anyone that knows me can tell you that i will make sure someone else is happy before myself. I have amazing friends and family. I wouldnt trade them for the world. Im a country girl, turned city. But I know my roots. I have my own style. I dont really care for what people think about me if they dont know me to the fullest extent. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone tells me how i am or who i am. Im very complicated sometimes. And I will be the first to admit that i can be a huge brat/baby/pain in the ass. But most of the time its cute.

People mistake my honesty as me being a bitch. And if thats what my honesty makes me, im sorry. Everyone has a story and everyone has secrets. Without your past, you wouldnt have a future. And I am thankful for every good and bad experience ive ever had. I believe in God, and I dont really care how many followers I lose by saying that. He has gotten me so far. I also believe in karma, and that your good deeds come back to you as blessings. I stick to my opinions, but i try to keep an open mind. Im stubborn. Im hilarious. Im fun and Im REAL! I have a very unique personality. I may not come from much, but i come from something special. i'm not cocky, i'm just proud of who i am. So, get to know me before you pass judgement <3

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